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Work with me

Peters Complete Workout Program
Fall 2020 – Build The Base
Available until December 2020

This program kicks off the start of your  program to become physically ‘Completely Fit.’ Using the Life Athlete proprietary training system you’ll:

  • Reclaim and build essential physical strength and flexibility to build your  ‘real’ strength – usable and functional – by using movements that promote your strength and mobility at the same time. That’s building the Base.
  • Move with greater athleticism and body awareness.
  • Move like you haven’t in years with more grace and confidence.
  • Feel old injuries fade and aches & pains replaced with boundless energy and vitality.

Added program benefits:

  • Optimize your balance and body control using Peter’s innovative and fun exercise progressions.
  • Center strength (core) movements to enhance body stability and pull it all together.
  • All movements have easier and more challenging versions to meet you where you are.

What you’ll receive:

  • 2 video workouts. Each is a  6 week program.
  • Written workout plans (downloadable pdf)
  • 4 live Zoom Q&A / movement sessions. Two each 6 week program.
  • 3 phone check-ins with Peter.

Each Workout Includes:

  • Foundation: warmup, muscle activation & dynamic action movements. 
  • Primary movements: designed to specifically target large muscles and joints with complete full body movement taken to their greatest range progressively.
  • Secondary movements – balance, center (core) with a bonus move added in.
  • Breath meditation tailored to the season at the end.

NOTE – a small amount of equipment is needed: light dumbbells, 1-2 resistance bands, and a wood dowel. Inexpensive and useful for years of training.

PRICE$90 per 6 week program or $150 for the entire quarter (Purchase before December 1,  2020 )

The Podium Plan

An individualized physical game plan and program to get you to the top of your Podium.

  • One 45 min Zoom call – create individualized strategy, establish target goals, pathways to take, potential obstacles and outcomes. BOOM!
  • One custom created video workout program with game plan and goal metrics for you.
  • One follow up phone call. We’ll dial in the program, tweak the movements if needed, answer questions, review progress and keep you moving ever upwards.

PRICE$250 or $600 for package of 3 Podium Plans over a year

Completely Fit Essential Workouts

The RECLAIM Program – Bronze | Beginning Level.

  • A beginning level program for those who want to Reclaim their bodies strength and flexibility capacities to do the activities they love with greater confidence and vitality.
  • Designed for those who want to recapture their physical prowess in a safe, fun and step by step manner.
  • Learn how to activate and strengthen your Center Power (core), rediscover your balance, and move with great agility and grace.
  • Resolve chronic aches and pains. Move beyond old injury limitations.
  • Feel and move like you’re decades younger.

Equipment needed – one 4’ wood dowel


One on One with Peter

  • Let’s talk and dive deep into the outcome(s) you want. Then let me help you reach them in as timely, efficient and sustainably as possible.
  • Any topic on physical fitness, training, injury issues, mind training and inner spirit world exploration are fair game.
  • You Zoom call is recorded for your future reference.

PRICE$100 / 45 min

The Medalist Program

  • A one year immersion into the Way of the Life Athlete method.
  • A holistic and transcended path to reach your highest physical and mental potential.
  • Call Peter for details – 206 849 3232