//The Story of George – Revisited

The Story of George – Revisited

Sometimes I wonder how such a seemly innocuous moment turned into a pivotal story I’d never forget.

George was an 18 year old high-schooler (as was I) who had a penchant and ultimately a genius talent for fixing motorcycles (I did not). One day, while he and I and a small band of motorcycling buddies were tuning up our bikes in his garage, the story was born.

The crux of the story and why it remains so potent to me is about the power of words. The words we say to ourselves (and to others) are powerful. Positive, affirming words manifest positive energy. Negative, demeaning, self-loathing words take energy away. The vibrational potency of speaking well about ourselves internally can put us on a trajectory of success in all that we do. And the opposite can keep us mired in victimization and stuck in the old programming of the past.

George showed me that being good to ourselves, in the words we choose, makes a huge difference in how we see the world, the success we have in it…and how the world sees us.

This applies to motorcycles too.

Please watch the video and implement Georges words today.

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