//PODCAST: Tyson Schoene – Why 100% Effort is Not Sustainable

PODCAST: Tyson Schoene – Why 100% Effort is Not Sustainable

Tyson Schoene grew up in a climbing family in Seattle. He is a lifelong athlete who spends much of his time in the mountains and running trails around the northwest.  He currently runs the 5-Time National Champion Vertical World climbing team. For the last 16 years at Vertical World Tyson has produced over a dozen individual national champions, dozens of national team members along with yearly regional and divisional titles.

Tyson has also been on the coaching staff for the US national team since 2005 and travels throughout the world for youth world championships and World Cup events. Tyson’s energized and passionate thoughts on coaching, life and how to be in your body are insightful and invigorating. He’s a breath of fresh air in his approach to teaching his tribe, and all of us, how to find the easiest way to perform at higher level of physically, avoiding injury with a less is more philosophy, and how he applies these to his own body and life.

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