//PODCAST: Tay and Val – Meditation for this Millennial

PODCAST: Tay and Val – Meditation for this Millennial

Tay and Val are two gifted women started a journey a few years ago to travel by bike around the world spreading their message of “Living your Dream”. During their travels, little did they know it, the universe would connect them with many insightful and profound teachers which would shape them into who they are today. With compassion, passion and a clear intention, they came to Seattle to introduce the masses to the experience, practice and benefits of meditation.

Through “pop up” meditations sessions in the heart of Seattle, during various times of the day and with different themes: connecting meditation with drinking shots of juice, or wine tasting, among other themes, the founders of M Meditation, present a vivid, powerful and simple exploration into meditation and the effects it can have on one’s life.

Accessible and approachable and in a time much needed, Tay and Val bring meditation to the masses in a way that I whole heartily recommend.

Topics include: How meditation helped with the pressures of school as a teenager (13:57), the greatest value meditation had on Val – today and years ago (16:58), Tay’s first meditation revelation (21:12), “Who am I really? And how do I define myself?” (22:01), their journey around the world spreading their message of having people “Live their Dream” (23:30), how they meditated with a Native-American teacher and what happened (25:09), how their journey on bikes around the world shaped them (27:51), the “AH-HA” moment that came from sitting (meditation) (28:39), their Mission to Inspire people (29:50), the importance of staying true to yourself and staying strong in your power (30:42), Giving yourself permission to sleep (49:00), Honoring your body and finding joy and fun in it (50:45), Trusting and and appreciating your body and being grateful for what it can do (53:02).


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