//PODCAST: Sue Bird – A Sports Icon’s Tips for Optimizing Body/Mind Potential

PODCAST: Sue Bird – A Sports Icon’s Tips for Optimizing Body/Mind Potential

Sue Bird is a sports icon. She’s now the oldest starting player in the WNBA, and the Seattle Storm star wants to keep playing at the highest level possible.

She played college ball at the University of Connecticut and, during her time there, they lost only four games in four years. With the Storm, she was a key figure in winning two WNBA championships over the fifteen years she’s played there. And did I mention she’s also won four gold medals in four Olympic games?  

In this episode we’ll find out Sue’s secrets to keep optimizing and evolving her training gameplan, both mentally and physically, to stay in the game at peak levels. She shares how sweeping changes in her diet led to more energy and faster recovery time. You’ll also hear her story about learning the importance of staying level-headed during times of injury and recovery.  

As a result of her long career and her ability to seek out changes to keep her body and mind finely tuned and vital, she has a wealth of knowledge which is applicable to all Life Athletes who want the same results.


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