//PODCAST: Sean McCormick – The Secret to Kicking Ass Every Day

PODCAST: Sean McCormick – The Secret to Kicking Ass Every Day

I had a bromance with Sean the moment I met him. Talented, present and passionate but most of all I was drawn to his energy and ethos of life. He lives his life with a central mantra in mind : help people become their best and most authentic selves.

As a Life Coach he guides people to go beyond preconceived ideas of who they are and discover their highest and happiest selves. As an entrepreneur he created Float Seattle and Bellevue 5 years ago. Float offers  sensory deprivation tanks where you literally float in salt infused water. The benefits of stress relief, pain relief and a meditative time out from our busy lives.

I think of Float as being another offering fully in alignment with Sean’s vision of offering people ways to live a richer fuller life.

In the podcast Sean touches on :

  • His beliefs on the life changing benefits of meditation
  • His daily practice of weaving in downtime to get more done and becoming better in all you do.
  • Why it’s a mistake to glorify being busy.
  • How to maintain and optimize your ‘temple’ body.
  • His secret to how to kick ass every day


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