//PODCAST: Mark Langston – Finding Passion in Lifelong Learning

PODCAST: Mark Langston – Finding Passion in Lifelong Learning

Mark Langston, a 4-time All-Star pitcher and 7-time Gold Glove winner, played the game he loved for 16 years with the Seattle Mariners, California Angels, Montreal Expos, San Diego Padres and the Cleveland Indians . Mark and I first crossed paths when we both employed by the Seattle Mariners. I was the strength and conditioning coach. He a starting pitcher. At a time in baseball’s history where weight training or any kind of training was generally frowned upon, Mark was like a sponge. He was all in from the beginning, wanting to learn and become the best he could be. That determined attitude undoubtedly resulted in his long and distinguished career.

Today he’s still in game of baseball as a color commentator for the Los Angeles Angels broadcast network. Though his years as a dominant lefty on the mound are behind him, he’s still as passionate about exploring the cutting edge of staying healthy, vital and being the best he can be.

Mark and I touch on a ton of topics in this podcast including :

  • His experimenting with stem cell therapy for his knee
  • Maintaining a positive and curious attitude no matter what
  • How be believes you should always be striving to be the best
  • His passion around lifelong learning from others who have been there.
  • How he mentally deals with the aging body


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