//PODCAST: Gregg Bleakney – Living A Life Steeped In Purpose

PODCAST: Gregg Bleakney – Living A Life Steeped In Purpose

Gregg Bleakney has a story that’s worth listening to. Why? Because his life thus far, has never about playing it safe and staying inside the box. Gregg is man of high passion for creating a life steeped in purpose, expansion and internal integrity. When you hear his tale you will definitely see he has not taking the road most taken. Just the opposite.

Today Gregg lives mostly in Colombia where a runs Where Next growing agency whose sole focus is to help other tell their stories.  Using visual imagery and adept writing, he creates unique ways for businesses to tell the world who they are by sharing their deepest passions.

From a gifted triple jumper in track and field, at the University of Oregon, our shared alma mater, to an injury which cut short his career his story just continues to thicken. After a few years he gives up a job in the tech world and follows his gut, bought a bike and over two years he would ride from the top of the world – Alaska to the tip of South America. A remarkable, rich journey filled with self discovery, self doubt, he lands where he is today: Living a life he never thought he would and vastly more authentic. A story of making gut decisions, following your heart, self inspiration, learning through travel and a lot more. Don’t miss this one.


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