//PODCAST: Garth Stein – How to Not Outsource Our Responsibility

PODCAST: Garth Stein – How to Not Outsource Our Responsibility

This week I sit down with Garth Stein, New York Times bestseller and author of Racing in the Rain. I read Racing in the Rain, and not only enjoyed it but it spoke to me on a deeper level. The main character in the book Is Enzo, a dog. Enzo’s reflections, insights and wisdom brought to life in his narrative and quotes hit me square in the chest. Enzo and the writer behind the character got me thinking … and few books do..

I introduced myself and said I was a fan of his book. Though he’d heard that a million times before, he didn’t roll his eyes. Now years later we continue to discuss, ponder and share thoughts around writing, sport , life and the threads that run through them all.

Topics include :

The philosophies and Metaphors for life through the eyes of Enzo (17:20), realizing and moving beyond our habitual patterns which get in our way (19:35), how to not outsource our responsibilities to ourselves (21:35), Garth take on why people are reluctant to take care of themselves and ways to become more successful at doing so (23:40), gracefully moving beyond frustration and anger (26:20), similarities between writing, sports and life – the art vs the craft (30:20), a glimpse of Garth’s next book (41:30), Garth’s mantra for the best way to compete (46:39), Garth’s workout program today and how he finds sustainability (50:20), how do we trust what our body is telling us. Are we lazy or just paying attention? (56:05)


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