//PODCAST: Dan Wilson – Reaching Your Physical & Mental Potential

PODCAST: Dan Wilson – Reaching Your Physical & Mental Potential

Any time I get hang out with Dan Wilson, or Dan the Man, as his former Seattle Mariner teammates would call him, It’s a super stoked day for me. Dan spent 11 years with the Seattle Mariners as their All Star catcher and by the time he retired in 2005 he could claim a total of 13 years in the big leagues. For the last 4 years Dan has worked as a roving coach for the catchers on Mariners minor league teams. But more recently the  major league players are his students as well.

Voted into the Mariners Hall of fame in 2012. Dan today is still one of the all time sports star icons in the history of Seattle not just because of sports but because of who he is as a person and the goodness he has given to the community.

In this podcast Dan shares:

  • The key teachings he received from his mentors and how they guided him into reaching ever higher levels of physical performance.
  • His method today for teaching young players how to reach their physical and mental potential. ( applicable to all btw )
  • How he deals with injuries and setbacks
  • The notable attributes of players like Edgar Martinez and Ken Griffey Jr with whom he played with
  • And a whole lot more!


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