//Lose the Resolution… and Put an ‘Intentional Stake’ in the Sand

Lose the Resolution… and Put an ‘Intentional Stake’ in the Sand

The problem with resolutions? I actually think there are a few, but mostly they tend to lack a sense of alignment to your overall purpose and don’t end up being beneficial. Or, if they’re just based on your physical appearance, they often disregard how you want to be, perform and feel in your body.   

Resolutions aren’t usually based on the power of a heartfelt passion, or a deep yearning for something to change – to evolve and realize our potential at the next level. Sometimes, they can be as simple as resolving to live a life filled with more happiness.

In other words, the resolution can lack a soul of sorts.

When you ‘put a stake in the sand’ you are making a definitive statement to yourself and others who witness it, that you have an intention you’re committing to.

This kind of resolution comes from a deeper need, desire, or sense of self-care.  

Let me share an iconic example with you of ‘Putting a Stake in the Sand’.

One of my former students and now good friend is Edgar Martinez. Edgar played his entire career for the Seattle Mariners. I was there for 11 years as the team’s Strength and Conditioning Coach.

Over those years I had a clear viewpoint to observe his maturation. And what I mean is his growth and expansion of realizing his potential as a supreme baseball player.

There’s much to learn from Gar. His intention was to hit and throw a baseball at the highest level of proficiency that he could possibly achieve every year of his career.  

Well as soon as he put that “stake in the sand,” the earth shook. The power and resolve of his intention was already manifesting and being fulfilled from that moment on. That’s what happens when you make the commitment. 

Edgar had good days on the field, and some not-so-good ones…but throughout his entire career, his eyes always stayed on his “stake in the sand.”

What stood out most to me was his daily rituals and practices. He was consistent and disciplined in them and rarely wavered based on the results of the day. The energy and attention he put into each hitting drill, his warmups and stretches, rarely saw a shift.  

It boiled down to his belief, action, and commitment in the daily rituals he assembled and honed over time as the foundation of his consistent results. When he focused on the daily practice, the results naturally arrived.

Edgar rested when he needed to rest and worked a little harder when he had more energy. Yet the discipline of his practice was in his focus on the present moment of the process, not the outcome.      

So my assignment for you is to come up with one intentional “stake” which you will commit to over the next 12 months.

An intention filled with passion and desire. Can I make another suggestion? Make it about what you can do less of, in order to be more. One of the Life Athlete mantras is “Do Less, Be more.”

Remember that your ‘stake’ is often an inspiration for someone else’s goal. We will all be bolstered by what your Intentional Stake is.


“Don’t think you are, know you are.” – Morpheus to Neo, The Matrix

From Edgar, me and your best self. Rock it!

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