PODCAST: Dr. Robert “Brownie” Schoene – How To Stay Aerobically Fit

Dr. Robert Schoene, aka Brownie, is a man of many talents and a vast reservoir of knowledge. Professionally, he teaches students, residents, fellows in training, athletes, and patients with heart and lung disease the importance of understanding exercise physiology in improving their own lives. A wealth of knowledge and experience which will leave listeners of this Life Athlete podcast are in for a real treat.

An avid and gifted athlete, he played football at Princeton, climbed Mt. Everest (to the 24K foot level) as part of a high altitude research  expedition, and being the aerobic animal he is, he’s run a sub 3 hour marathon.

In this podcast Brownie gives his take on:

  • The effects of aging on cardiovascular capacity and how we can stay aerobically fit no matter what.
  • Debunking myths and BS about current fitness trends.
  • you can improve strength and cardiovascular in your 50, 60s just like you could in your 30s.
  • What’s the most efficient way to increase your anaerobic threshold.
  • How to get the most out of interval training without over training.



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PODCAST: Mark Langston – Finding Passion in Lifelong Learning

Mark Langston, a 4-time All-Star pitcher and 7-time Gold Glove winner, played the game he loved for 16 years with the Seattle Mariners, California Angels, Montreal Expos, San Diego Padres and the Cleveland Indians . Mark and I first crossed paths when we both employed by the Seattle Mariners. I was the strength and conditioning coach. He a starting pitcher. At a time in baseball’s history where weight training or any kind of training was generally frowned upon, Mark was like a sponge. He was all in from the beginning, wanting to learn and become the best he could be. That determined attitude undoubtedly resulted in his long and distinguished career.

Today he’s still in game of baseball as a color commentator for the Los Angeles Angels broadcast network. Though his years as a dominant lefty on the mound are behind him, he’s still as passionate about exploring the cutting edge of staying healthy, vital and being the best he can be.

Mark and I touch on a ton of topics in this podcast including :

  • His experimenting with stem cell therapy for his knee
  • Maintaining a positive and curious attitude no matter what
  • How be believes you should always be striving to be the best
  • His passion around lifelong learning from others who have been there.
  • How he mentally deals with the aging body


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PODCAST: Gregg Bleakney – Living A Life Steeped In Purpose

Gregg Bleakney has a story that’s worth listening to. Why? Because his life thus far, has never about playing it safe and staying inside the box. Gregg is man of high passion for creating a life steeped in purpose, expansion and internal integrity. When you hear his tale you will definitely see he has not taking the road most taken. Just the opposite.

Today Gregg lives mostly in Colombia where a runs Where Next growing agency whose sole focus is to help other tell their stories.  Using visual imagery and adept writing, he creates unique ways for businesses to tell the world who they are by sharing their deepest passions.

From a gifted triple jumper in track and field, at the University of Oregon, our shared alma mater, to an injury which cut short his career his story just continues to thicken. After a few years he gives up a job in the tech world and follows his gut, bought a bike and over two years he would ride from the top of the world – Alaska to the tip of South America. A remarkable, rich journey filled with self discovery, self doubt, he lands where he is today: Living a life he never thought he would and vastly more authentic. A story of making gut decisions, following your heart, self inspiration, learning through travel and a lot more. Don’t miss this one.


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PODCAST: Tyson Schoene – Why 100% Effort is Not Sustainable

Tyson Schoene grew up in a climbing family in Seattle. He is a lifelong athlete who spends much of his time in the mountains and running trails around the northwest.  He currently runs the 5-Time National Champion Vertical World climbing team. For the last 16 years at Vertical World Tyson has produced over a dozen individual national champions, dozens of national team members along with yearly regional and divisional titles.

Tyson has also been on the coaching staff for the US national team since 2005 and travels throughout the world for youth world championships and World Cup events. Tyson’s energized and passionate thoughts on coaching, life and how to be in your body are insightful and invigorating. He’s a breath of fresh air in his approach to teaching his tribe, and all of us, how to find the easiest way to perform at higher level of physically, avoiding injury with a less is more philosophy, and how he applies these to his own body and life.

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PODCAST: Garth Stein – How to Not Outsource Our Responsibility

This week I sit down with Garth Stein, New York Times bestseller and author of Racing in the Rain. I read Racing in the Rain, and not only enjoyed it but it spoke to me on a deeper level. The main character in the book Is Enzo, a dog. Enzo’s reflections, insights and wisdom brought to life in his narrative and quotes hit me square in the chest. Enzo and the writer behind the character got me thinking … and few books do..

I introduced myself and said I was a fan of his book. Though he’d heard that a million times before, he didn’t roll his eyes. Now years later we continue to discuss, ponder and share thoughts around writing, sport , life and the threads that run through them all.

Topics include :

The philosophies and Metaphors for life through the eyes of Enzo (17:20), realizing and moving beyond our habitual patterns which get in our way (19:35), how to not outsource our responsibilities to ourselves (21:35), Garth take on why people are reluctant to take care of themselves and ways to become more successful at doing so (23:40), gracefully moving beyond frustration and anger (26:20), similarities between writing, sports and life – the art vs the craft (30:20), a glimpse of Garth’s next book (41:30), Garth’s mantra for the best way to compete (46:39), Garth’s workout program today and how he finds sustainability (50:20), how do we trust what our body is telling us. Are we lazy or just paying attention? (56:05)


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PODCAST: Tay and Val – Meditation for this Millennial

Tay and Val are two gifted women started a journey a few years ago to travel by bike around the world spreading their message of “Living your Dream”. During their travels, little did they know it, the universe would connect them with many insightful and profound teachers which would shape them into who they are today. With compassion, passion and a clear intention, they came to Seattle to introduce the masses to the experience, practice and benefits of meditation.

Through “pop up” meditations sessions in the heart of Seattle, during various times of the day and with different themes: connecting meditation with drinking shots of juice, or wine tasting, among other themes, the founders of M Meditation, present a vivid, powerful and simple exploration into meditation and the effects it can have on one’s life.

Accessible and approachable and in a time much needed, Tay and Val bring meditation to the masses in a way that I whole heartily recommend.

Topics include: How meditation helped with the pressures of school as a teenager (13:57), the greatest value meditation had on Val – today and years ago (16:58), Tay’s first meditation revelation (21:12), “Who am I really? And how do I define myself?” (22:01), their journey around the world spreading their message of having people “Live their Dream” (23:30), how they meditated with a Native-American teacher and what happened (25:09), how their journey on bikes around the world shaped them (27:51), the “AH-HA” moment that came from sitting (meditation) (28:39), their Mission to Inspire people (29:50), the importance of staying true to yourself and staying strong in your power (30:42), Giving yourself permission to sleep (49:00), Honoring your body and finding joy and fun in it (50:45), Trusting and and appreciating your body and being grateful for what it can do (53:02).


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PODCAST: Ginny Gilder – Challenging Your Hyper-Critical Internal Voices

Ginny Gilder is a two time Olympian in rowing, co-owner of the WNBA Seattle Storm basketball team as well as an entrepreneur, author of Course Correction: A Story of Rowing and Resilience in the Wake of Title IX and a leader in the fight for women’s rights. As a member of the 1980 Olympic team, she and 600+ other Olympians had to sit out because of the boycott implemented by President Carter. A huge bummer to all the athletes who had worked so hard to make that prodigious team.

But most of all, she’s a woman who possesses an immense amount of wisdom by way of self reflection and a dedication to self growth. She and Peter discuss a lot of topics that include personal wake-up calls (8:50), how she learned to pay attention to her body (9:27), how to challenge your hyper critical internal voices (19:25), how she deals with her present physical state being different from the past (29:55), tips on how to look at the big picture of being physically active and fit (31:40), her passion and and main focus when it comes to excelling in business (40:50), how to feel more engaged in life (44:53), doing what we “should” to do vs following our hearts (48:23), and how she deals with her mental struggle around the value of what she has to say and write about (52:10).



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PODCAST: Elia Mrak – Your Body is A Medium for Happiness

Welcome to the Life Athlete podcast. Our guest today is Elia Mrak. He performs, directs, teaches and dedicates himself to the power of dance. His practice fuses Breakdancing, Qigong, Flying Low and the sacred ritual of dance.

He has performed, taught, and directed throughout the last decade-plus of working in Europe, Central/South America, and the United States. He has designed and led workshops that are aimed at making movement and dance accessible to all types of people, to help with injuries, healing, health, fitness, and inspiration. He has recently launched his own organization that places dance and movement at the forefront of social change through art, health, and community. It is called aMovementMovement.

In this episode we discus a wide range of topics including: How parents can play a role in their kids desire to dance (10:18), why dance is a way of living for him (15:01), how can we be free when we run or move (17:25), he purpose of exercising (19:29) how to not outsource your intuition for your health (21:49), being willing to listen to your body (26:47), why we all need coaches (33:28), why is rest important (35:41), not exercising to soreness (41:28), and our body being a medium for happiness (57:02)



Soundcloud: http://bit.ly/LAsoundcloud
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