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PODCAST: Elia Mrak – Your Body is A Medium for Happiness

Welcome to the Life Athlete podcast. Our guest today is Elia Mrak. He performs, directs, teaches and dedicates himself to the power of dance. His practice fuses Breakdancing, Qigong, Flying Low and the sacred ritual of dance.

He has performed, taught, and directed throughout the last decade-plus of working in Europe, Central/South America, and the United States. He has designed and led workshops that are aimed at making movement and dance accessible to all types of people, to help with injuries, healing, health, fitness, and inspiration. He has recently launched his own organization that places dance and movement at the forefront of social change through art, health, and community. It is called aMovementMovement.

In this episode we discus a wide range of topics including: How parents can play a role in their kids desire to dance (10:18), why dance is a way of living for him (15:01), how can we be free when we run or move (17:25), he purpose of exercising (19:29) how to not outsource your intuition for your health (21:49), being willing to listen to your body (26:47), why we all need coaches (33:28), why is rest important (35:41), not exercising to soreness (41:28), and our body being a medium for happiness (57:02)



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