WLA Elite Training for Tennis - Reclaim and Build Strength, Mobility and Agility Program

Do you want to reclaim and build your power and athleticism to play at your highest level ever …. and do it with less pain? This holistic strength and mobility will take you there In this series, you’ll experience Peter’s curated set of movements designed in a progressive, cycled and proprietary manner to help you efficiently reclaim and build your physical capacities to play your best game ever.

Along with being introduced to ‘The Way of the Life Athlete” philosophy : Do Less | Be More, you will immediately feel more power, increased agility, faster reaction time, stability and grace in your movements on the court. Balanced, responsive and connected in your abilities - you’ll feel as though you bought back years of elevated performance and physical mastery.

The series includes a total of 4 videos:
2 Bronze - beginning level videos.
2 Silver - intermediate level videos.
Each level has 2 videos. One warmup, mobility and flexibility video and one strength and conditioning video.

$19.95/video or $59.95/Series of all 4 videos

*If you purchase an individual video in this series, you are no longer eligible to purchase the entire series at the discount price.


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