PODCAST: Jonathan Marshall – Finding greater ease and vibrancy in life

I read four words on Jonathan Marshalls website which drew me to want to talk to him.

“With ease and vibrancy” I doubt that any of us couldn’t use a bit more of that sauce in our life.

In this podcast, he opens up about the path he took to becoming a psychotherapist, executive coach and leadership trainer. Though he has a formal education from Stanford and Harvard, he also supplemented that with an exploration into meditation and eastern teachings to deepen his own practice.  


 Jonathan shares about the potency of hypnosis and his tips on how we can do it to ourselves to realize life changing results. We also traverse how to break the bonds of self sabotage that many of us unconsciously do to ourselves (I know I do). Plus, how we can become aware of our internal world to reap the benefits of feeling more alive and experience a greater sense of flow in all we do.    


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